• Please report any deceptions or unfair treatment to the Department of Veterans Affairs' new complaint system and to the Defense Department's new system if you used Tuition Assistance or MyCAA. Protect your buddies by letting VA & DOD know who the bad actors are.
  • If you decided to attend a school because of a misleading ad or deceptive recruiting, complain to the Federal Trade Commission.  The FTC takes action against any business that regularly lies to consumers.
  • If a school has misled you about your financial aid, student loans, or the FAFSA, you can report it to the Department of Education.  ED also takes complaints about student loan servicers and debt collectors as well.
  • And if you took out a private loan to finance your education (this does not include loans you received through your financial aid package), you can also complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • Please also let us know at Veterans Education Success or email us at: help@veteranseducationsuccess.org. We can connect you with pro-bono (free) attorneys, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and we can advocate on your behalf with VA.

"I am so thankful for Veterans Education Success. They have done more for me in 4 months than anyone and/or an organization has done for me in almost 4 years. People telling me, it’s my fault and there is nothing that could be done and I will just have to pay off the student loan. I am blessed to know that I have a wonderful organization that will stand by my side and fight until the end."

Jonathan Ngowaki, Marine deceived by DeVry University

Every time I called, VES answered.  They stayed on top of my case and helped me get the VA to stop garnishing my wages and go after my school.  They always updated me and make sure I had the tools to get what I needed.

Ernesto Cruz, Army Veteran

                           MARINE SPECIALIST BRYAN BABCOCK


“I specifically asked ITT Tech before signing up whether their degree was the same as any other public 4-year university and was told YES. I found out while applying at NYPD, LAPD, Seattle PD and 23 other police departments that NONE of them accepted ITT Tech credits. Once I found out that my time and money spent at ITT Tech was worthless, I tried to transfer my credits to a community college. I was told I have to start completely over as a freshman.”

The Executive Order