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Veterans Education Success' recent activity as written about by news reporters:

August 1, 2019 RawStory: Financially Troubled Colleges Are Ripping Off Veterans – with Betsy DeVos’ Help

July 24, 2019 Bloomberg: Students to Keep Pressing Congress for Higher Education Update

July 24, 2019 Inside Higher Ed: Groups Align to Advocate for Today’s Students

July 23, 2019 Military Times: Fewer Troops Are Using Tuition Assistance Benefits

July 15, 2019 Education Dive: House Passes Amendment Raising Scrutiny of For-Profit Colleges’ Military Benefits

July 10, 2019 Politico: Thousands in GI Bill Fees Paid by Recruits “For Essentially No Reason At All”

May 26, 2019 Axios: DeVos Urged by 51 AGs to Cancel Disabled Veterans’ Student Debts

May 25, 2019 USA Today: 51 Attorneys General Call on Betsy DeVos to Cancel up to 42,000 Disabled Veterans' Student Debts

May 25, 2019 National Public Radio NPR: 47 States Call On Betsy Devos To Forgive Student Loans For Disabled Veterans

May 24, 2019 WLOX Channel 13: Every AG in America Calls for Automatic Student Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans

May 16, 2019 Military Times: Advocates Renew Push for Protecting Troops from Predatory Lenders

May 15, 2019, Fox News KFYR TV (West Dakota): Bismarck State College Named Top “Bang for Your Buck” College for Veterans

May 15, 2019 Politico Morning Education: House Veterans Committee Tackles Sudden College Closures (discusses and links to the testimonies of 2 student veterans we brought to the hearing)

May 2, 2019 Politico Morning Education: HEA ASKS: More than three dozen veterans and military service organizations are expected to send this letter today to key Hill lawmakers spelling out their Higher Education Act reauthorization priorities.

April 23, 2019 Connecting Vets Radio: These Colleges Rake in the Most GI Bill Cash, But Spend the Least on Teaching Vets, Report Says

April 19, 2019 Washington Post: Some Colleges Receiving the Most GI Bill Spend the Least on Educating Veterans, Report Says

April 19, 2019 Politico: Veterans Education Success published a report called, "Should Colleges Spend the GI Bill on Veterans' Education or Late Night TV Ads?"

April 18, 2019 Stars & Stripes: Some Colleges Receiving the Most GI Bill Spend the Least on Educating Veterans, Report Says

April 18, 2019 Military Times: Are the Schools that Get the Most GI Bill Money Spending the Least on Teaching?

April 17, 2019 Marketwatch: This New Policy Could Save Military Members Tens of Millions of Dollars on Their Student Loans

April 14, 2019, NBC Nightly News: Veterans Could Be First to Pay as DeVos Rolls Back For-Profit College Oversight

April 10, 2019, Albany Times Union: Governor, Lawmakers Disagree on For-Profit Colleges: Senators Have Mixed Views in Hearings

April 9, 2019, CAL Matters: Fewer Schools, More Accountability: How For-Profit College Bills Could Affect California

April 4, 2019 Military Times: Veterans Education, Employment Programs Could Be Shifted to a New Transition-Focused VA Office

April 4, 2019 Chronicle of Higher Education: How America’s College-Closure Crisis Leaves Families Devastated (featuring a veteran we are helping)

April 2, 2019 Military Times: Vet Groups Say This Rule Makes Troops Vulnerable to ‘Predatory Schools.’ Here’s Why.

March 27, 2019 Politico: Vets to Congress: Cut off for-profit colleges' incentive to recruit student veterans

March 25, 2019 Politico Morning Education: Veterans Education Success advocacy group is out with a new research report that looks at non-completion rates among student veterans

March 24, 2019 New York Post: Vetting For-Profits, Letter to the Editor by Ramond Curtis

March 21, 2019 Diverse Issues in Higher Education: Groups Unite on HEA Priorities for Military-Connected Students

March 21, 2019 Webinar: Midwest Higher Education Compact: Multi-state Collaborative on Military Credit: Postsecondary Non-Completion Among Veterans: Contributing Factors and Implications

Feb. 25, 2019 Politico Morning Education: The group Veterans Education Success has released a brief

Feb. 21, 2019 Washington Post: Veterans Groups Ask VA Secretary to Keep GI Benefits Out of the Hands of Predatory Colleges

Feb. 19, 2019 Military Times: Vet Groups are Blasting Trump’s Education Secretary. Here’s Why

Feb. 19, 2019 New York Times: Betsy DeVos vs. Student Veterans

Feb. 19, 2019 Military Times Reboot Blog: Here are Some Surprising Ways Troops and Vets Can Cut Their Student Loan Debt

Feb. 5, 2019 Huffington Post/Republic Reports: Clash Over Ashford University Casts Doubt on VA Protection of Students

Feb. 1, 2019 Blog: The Predatory Underworld of Companies That Target Veterans for a Buck

Jan. 31, 2019 Military Times: Lawmaker Vows to Protect Student Loan Forgiveness Program for Troops, Others

Jan. 30, 2019 WCNY (Syracuse, NY, NPR affiliate): Capitol Pressroom: For-Profit College Reform

Jan. 25, 2019 Military Times: Millions of GI BIll Dollars Are Going to Questionable Schools And It Could Soon Be Billions:  VA Watchdog

Jan. 21, 2019 Inside Higher Ed: VA Inspector General Cites Poor Oversight of College Programs Approved for GI Benefits

Jan. 16, 2019 Politico: Betsy DeVos’ Bet on Boot Camps

Jan. 7, 2019 USA Today and AZ Central: What Happens to Students When Private Colleges Close in Arizona?

Jan. 7, 2019 USA Today and AZ Central: Step by Step: What Students Can Do When a College Closes

Jan. 4, 2019 Republic Reports and Huffington Post Career Education Corp., Tied to DeVos Aides, Pays Millions to Settle State Claims of Illegal Practices

Jan. 3, 2019 Connecting Vets Radio: Frustrated by Issues with Your GI Bill? Some Help is on the Way

Dec. 20, 2018 Politico Morning Education: Veterans Education Success is out with an issue brief examining the closure of Education Corporation of America

Dec. 18, 2018 American Heroes Network: Veterans Education Success’ Mike Saunders explains severely disabled veterans’ right to student loan forgiveness

Dec. 12, 2018 Military Times Rebootcamp Could This Government Program Wipe Away All Your Student Loan Debt?

Dec. 5, 2018 Task & Purpose: The VA May Blow $2.3 Billion in GI Bill on Schools That Don’t Deserve It, the IG Says

Dec. 3, 2018 Stars & Stripes: VA says it reversed course on underpaid GI Bill recipients, though lawmakers remain skeptical

November 2018 Politico Morning Education: Veterans Education Success issued a new analysis today 

November 2018 Minneapolis Star Tribune: Unacceptable Delays in GI Bill Aid Point to Larger Problem

November 2018 Radio.Com, ConnectingVets.Com: VA Fix to Ongoing GI Bill Fiasco: Hurry Up and Wait

November 2018 Newser: VA Won't Repay Vets After GI Bill Snafu

November 2018 UPI: Lack of Info, Fear Causing Thousands of U.S. Vets to Default on Student Loans

November 2018 Politico Morning Education: Vets Groups Target Lead Generator Sites

November 2018 Huffington Post: Scam Websites Tried to Trick Military Recruits Into Entering For-Profit Colleges

November 2018 CNBC: Many disabled veterans eligible for student loan forgiveness are still paying

November 2018 Politico Morning Education: New Data on Veterans Eligible for Student Loan Discharges

November 2018 NBC: Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA

November 2018 Associated Press (Seattle Times and may papers nationwide): How military service impacts student loan repayment options

October 2018 Inside Higher Ed: New York City Sues For-Profit College

October 2018 Military Times: 8 Tips to Help Vets Pick the Right College

October 2018 Vets Groups Urge Trump Administration to Keep Pressure on GI Bill Fraud

October 2018 Politico Morning Education: Veterans Education Success is out with a new analysis of student outcomes at for-profit schools that are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

October 2018 Diverse Issues in Higher Education: Analysis: ACICS-Accredited College Students Have Negative Outcomes

October 2018 Inside Higher Ed: Changes to College Scorecard Anger Veterans Groups

September 2018 Inside Higher EdFTC Shuts Down Scam Military Websites

September 2018 Military TimesAdvocates Launch $250K Ad Campaign to Support Protections for Troops Against Predatory Lenders

September 2018 Military.Com: Vets Groups Urge Mattis to Keep Pressure on Payday Lenders

September 2018 Politico Morning MoneyMilitary Groups Speak Out

August 2018 Associated PressFor-Profit Colleges Have Allies Now, But Complaints Persist

August 2018 New York TimesMulvaney Looks to Weaken Oversight of Military Lending

August 2018 Military TimesAdvocates to Mattis: Don't Waver in Protecting Troops Against Predatory Lenders

August 2018 Stars & Stripes: Mulvaney is Urged Not to Weaken Consumer Protections

August 2018 Diverse Issues in Higher Education: Possible Enforcement Changes to Military Lending Act Spark Outcry

August 2018 ForbesFlight Training Caps Will Save GI Bill $504 Million Over 10 Years, But Will They Cost Pilots?

August 2018 New York Times, Gail Collins, columnist: The Bane That is Betsy DeVos: Watch Out, the Secretary of Education is on the Loose (featuring a veteran we are helping)

July 2018 Military Times and Associated PressVets Could Be Hurt by Proposed $13 Billion Cut to Student Loan Relief

July 2018: CNBC:  Thousands of Students Who Say They Were Defrauded by the Art Institute Awaiting an Answer From the Government

July 2018: Military.Com: How to Fight VA Debt

June 2018:  Denver PostGOP higher education legislation will hurt service members, veterans and their families

June 2018 Military Times: Should VA Employees Be Allowed to Work at For-Profit Schools?

June 2018 Inside Sources: Higher Ed Reform Bill Stalled in U.S. House

June 2018 Inside Higher Ed: Seeking Votes on PROSPER, GOP Appears to Come Up Short

June 2018 Hechinger Report: Military Veterans Decry Debt, Useless Diplomas from For-Profit Colleges

May 2018 New York Times: Predatory Colleges, Freed to Fleece Students

May 2018 Inside SourcesFor-Profit College Conversions to Nonprofit Entities Attacked as Regulatory Shields

May 2018 BloombergStudent Debt Surprise: How Veterans Get Loans Without Knowing It

May 2018 Military TimesPentagon: "Loan Forgiveness is a Recruiting Tool."  Lawmakers: "Cut it Anyway."

May 2018 Military TimesWhy Aren't More Vets Applying to Get GI Bill Restored?

April 2018 The Washington PostTrump Administration Streamlining Student Debt Forgiveness for Permanently Disabled Veterans

April 2018 CNBC:  Trump Moves to Cancel Student Loan Debt for Disabled Veterans

April 2018 Task & Purpose:  ‘They Didn’t Have To Kill Him’: The Death of Lance Corporal Brian Easley

April 2018 Military Law Matters: Predatory For-Profit Colleges that Target Veterans who have the GI Bill

March 2018 Inside Higher Ed:  Veterans Organizations Oppose Republican Higher Education Bill:  Veterans Blast GOP Bill as Giveaway to For-Profits

March 2018 Military TimesStudent Loan Forgiveness Benefit on the Chopping Block

March 2018 The HillA Law Connection

February 2018 ACS Law Blog: How a Growing Army of Lawyers is Helping Resist Injustice (and You Can Too)

January 2018 American Heroes Network (radio): Veterans Education Success

January 2018 Military TimesMore Regulation Needed for 'Predatory Schools'?

January 2018 Military TimesCourt Settlement for Former ITT Students Moves Forward

December 2017 New York Times: For Students Swindled by Predatory Colleges, Relief May Be Only Partial (featuring 2 veterans who are being helped by us)

December 2017 Business InsiderFor-Profit Colleges Target Military Veterans: Military veterans are being targeted by an industry 'infamous for saddling people with debt and useless degrees'

November 2017 Forbes: The Loophole That Helps Schools But Hurts Veterans And Taxpayers

November 2017 New York Times Editorial Board:  Exploiting Veterans for Profit (PDF here)

November 2017 Military TimesWhat Will The Trump Era Mean for For-Profit Schools?

November 2017 Greenfield Daily Reporter: Law Restores Education Benefits For Vets

November 2017 Fox59 TV Indianapolis: VA To Begin Notifying Thousands of Veterans Who Lost Benefits When ITT Tech Shut Down (featuring a veteran VES is helping and our Legal Director Sean Marvin)

November 2017 The Chronicle of Higher EducationInside the Scramble to Save Ashford U: How Political Maneuvering Kept GI Bill Funds Flowing to a For-Profit University. (PDF here).  Based in part on VES' report on Ashford's approval being out of compliance with federal statutory requirements

November 2017 Marketwatch: These Colleges Use a Loophole to Make Billions Off the GI Bill

November 2017 Military TimesVets Groups Renew Efforts to Limit For-Profit Schools’ Access to GI Bill Dollars

November 2017 Delaware News Journal, USA Today: For-Profit Schools to Vets: Thanks for Your Service -- and Taxpayer-Backed Tuition

October 2017 Huffington Post: FTC Slaps Wrist Of For-Profit College Marketer That Tricked Vets; Many Bad Wrists Remain

October 2017 Inside Higher EdCrackdown on "Pay to Play" for "Military-Friendly" Colleges

October 2017 The TrentonianMercer County Community College Received "Military-Friendly" Designation from Company Embroiled in Scandal

October 2017 Diverse Issues in Higher EducationCertain For-profit Colleges Leave Veterans in a Bind

October 2017 Associated Press: VA Seeks "Narrow" Exemption to For-Profit College Ethics Law, also carried in Business Insider (click here); Seattle Times (click here); US News (click here); and dozens of newspapers nationwide.

October 2017 Politico: What's Next for the VA's For-Profit College Ethics Policy?  (pdf here)

October 2017 Reveal: After Pushback, Trump Administration Says It Won't Scrap Anti-Corruption Law

October 2017 AP NewsBreak:  VA Abruptly Drops Plan to Suspend Ethics Law

October 2017 Task & Purpose:  VA About to Scrap Ethics Law that Helps Safeguard Veterans From Predatory For-Profit Colleges

September 2017 Military Advanced Education & TransitionCover Story:  Carrie Wofford, President, Veterans Education Success Q&A: Protection From Predators: Shielding Student Veterans and Servicemembers From Fraud or Abuse

September 2017 New York Times:  Veterans Agency Seeks to Scrap Ethics Law on For-Profit Colleges

September 2017 Military Times:  Vet Organizations Back Obama-Era College Regulations

September 2017 USA Today:  New Questions Raised About How For-Profit Colleges Recruit the Military

September 2017 CQ Roll Call:  Veterans Groups Decry VA Plan to Relax For-Profit School Ties (pdf here)

September 2017 Inside Higher Ed:  VA Seeks Broad Waiver of Rule Barring Payments from For-Profit Colleges

September 2017 Reveal:  Trump Administration Seeks to Legalize Payoffs to VA Officials by For-Profit Schools (also available from Task & Purpose here.)

September 2017 Reveal:  University of Phoenix Gained Special Access to Military Base - For a Price

August 2017 Inside Higher Ed: New GI Bill Includes $75 Million for Non-College Providers of Technology Boot Camps

August 2017 New York TimesWith Rare Unanimity, Senate Sends G.I. Bill Expansion to Trump (featuring one of the veterans VES helped)

August 2017 WKBN TV: Proposed Changes to GI Bill Gives Veterans More Education Options

July 2017 Military Times: Vets Hurt by School Shutdowns Would Get Benefits Restored Under New 'Forever GI Bill' Law

July 2017 Inside Higher EdHouse Committee Moves Ahead on Ambitious Expansion of the GI Bill

July 2017 The Leslie Marshall Radio Show: GI Bill Expansion (interview at minute 19:25, and photos here).

July 2017 NPR Marketplace Morning Report: Large GI Bill Expansion Provides a Big Boost for Veterans' Education (radio interview)

July 2017 Indianapolis NewsChannel 8: Veterans Await Help After ITT Tech Shutdown

July 2017 Dallas Morning News: For-Profit College Rules Get Reset by U.S. Department of Education, and it Starts in University Park

July 2017 Christian Science Monitor: Students Caught in the Middle of For-Profit College Debate Ask, "What Now?"

July 2017 Diverse Education: Veterans Groups' Objective: Defend Educational Protections

July 2017 Media Matters for America:  Newspapers reveal human costs of Betsy DeVos' abandoning defrauded students

June 2017 New York Times:  U.S. Halts New Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Schools

May 2017 Stars & StripesFeuding Veterans' Groups Find Agreement on Four Proposed Changes to the GI Bill

May 2017 New York TimesU.S. Crackdown on For-Profit Schools Is Said to Go Idle

May 2017 Inside Higher EdAdvocates Prod Stanford for Better Treatment of Student Veterans

May 2017 Blue Voter Red State Blog: Kaplan Cheats Veterans and Uses Veterans to Cheat the Government

May 2017 PJ Media: Veterans Groups Fear CFPB Gutting Will Harm Service Members

April 2017 The College Voice:  Marketing or Merit? Campus Vets Like Services, but Questions Surround Source of #1 "Military Friendly" Ranking

April 2017 New York TimesBook Review Letter to the Editor regarding Lower Ed

March 2017 USA Today: Loosening of For-Profit School Rules Worries Student Advocates

March 2017 Trib Live: GI Bill a 'Cash Cow' for Some Pennsylvania Schools

March 2017 Huffington Post Hillbilly Irony: The GOP's Embrace of the For-Profit College Industry Clashes with their Bootstraps Myth

March 2017 Economic Policy Institute: Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy (panel discussion)

February 2017 Politico Veterans Groups Request Changes from University of Phoenix

January 2017 Colorado Independent Veterans Feel Ripped Off by Colorado For-Profit College

January 2017 Chronicle of Higher Education:  Here Are The Programs That Failed the Gainful Employment Rule

January 2017 Washington Post: Former Students Fight for a Stake in ITT Educational Services Bankruptcy
(effort by Harvard Law School, helped by VES, to bring student claims to the bankruptcy court)

January 2017 Politico: New Push for ITT Tech Student Debt Relief (effort by Harvard Law School, helped by Veterans Education Success, to bring student claims to the ITT bankruptcy court)

December 2016 Inside Higher Ed: Bill Seeks to Guarantee Veterans Are Career-Ready

October, 2016 Government Executive: Evidence-Based Policy Proponents Face Cost, Privacy, Political Hurdles

September, 2016 Washington Post:  DeVry voluntarily dials back revenue from federal student aid

September, 2016 Washington Post:  Everything ITT Tech students need to know now that the for-profit school has closed

September, 2016 New York Times:  Downfall of ITT Technical Institutes Was a Long Time in the Making

September, 2016 Stars and Stripes:  Troubled for-profit ITT Tech Institute closes its doors on thousands of student veterans

August, 2016 New York Times:  Crackdown on For-Profit Colleges May Free Students and Trap Taxpayers

VES' Carrie Wofford addresses students, veterans' leaders, and executive branch officials on campus supports needed for student veterans at the White House Indian Treaty Room, July 12, 2016

VES' Carrie Wofford addresses students, veterans' leaders, and executive branch officials on campus supports needed for student veterans at the White House Indian Treaty Room, July 12, 2016

ves's legal services director, sara nolan collins, sen. blumenthal,and the yale law school's veterans legal services clinic holds a press conference on the va's authority to protect veterans from predatory colleges.

ves's legal services director, sara nolan collins, sen. blumenthal,and the yale law school's veterans legal services clinic holds a press conference on the va's authority to protect veterans from predatory colleges.

Sara nolan collins, plenary speaker at a veterans upward bound conference (2016)

Sara nolan collins, plenary speaker at a veterans upward bound conference (2016)

Other Relevant News Reports

Veterans Education Success isn't in these news stories, but we find these relevant and worth reading:

April 2019 Chronicle of Higher Education: How America’s College-Closure Crisis
Leaves Families Devastated

March 2019 Chronicle of Higher Education: ‘Ruined’ and Evicted: How Dream Center Closures Are Affecting Students: A disabled U.S. Army veteran hoped to get a business degree from Argosy University. Now he is losing his home and more than $2,000 worth of student aid.

March 2019 Capitol Forum: Lead Gen Industry: FTC’s Andrew Smith Sheds Light on Enforcement Priorities, Targets Army.Com Lead Purchasers

January 2019 Education Dive: How Many Colleges and Universities Have Closed Since 2016?

September 2018 New York Times: As Economy Roars, Army Falls Thousands Short of Recruiting Goals

September 2018 Inside Higher Ed: For-Profit Chain Will Close Dozens of Campuses

August 2018: New York Times: Mulvaney Looks to Weaken Oversight of Military Lending Act

August 2018: New York TimesDeVos Ends Obama-Era Safeguards Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges

August 2018:  CNN: Betsy DeVos' rollback of Obama's for-profit college rules is almost complete

July 2018: Military Times: New GI Bill Transfer Restrictions: 7 Things You Need to Know

June 2018: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Deal under scrutiny as Art Institutes face accreditation setbacks

June 2018:  New York TimesBetsy DeVos Reinstated College Accreditor Over Staff Objections

June 2018: Toms River PatchMan In $24M GI Bill Fraud Scam With Toms River Woman Get 5 Years (Ed4Mil and Caldwell University scam)

May 2018:  Inside Higher Ed: For-Profit Tuition Rises as GI Benefit Grows

May 2018: New York Times: Education Department Unwinds Unit Investigating Fraud at For-Profits

May 2018:  Republic ReportInside a For-Profit College Conversion:  Lucrative Ties, Troubling Actions

March 2018: Military TimesDOD Review: 0% of Schools Following TA Rules

March 2018: Inside Higher EdA Low Bar for Bar Passage (for-profit law schools)

February 2018: Chronicle of Higher EducationAshford U. Faces New Setback in Battle Over GI Bill Funds

February 2018:  MarketWatch: Job-Training Programs at For-Profit Colleges Actually Make Students Worse Off

February 2018:  Legal News Line:  DeVry University Students Allege School Misrepresented Employment, Income Rates of Graduates

February 2018:  Inside Higher Ed: Higher Ed Finds its Voice on PROSPER Act; Groups Criticize House GOP Higher Ed bill

December 2017 Military Times: Wasting Money? Most New Recruits Pay $1,200 for Lesser Education Benefit

December 2017 Reveal: Senators Want to Examine Military Contracts with For-Profit Schools

December 2017 Military Times: Military Advocates Want Details on Agencies'  Efforts to Stop Predatory Lenders

December 2017 The HillThe Real Tax on Troops

December 2017 New York Times: New Higher Education Bill Rolls Back Obama-Era Safeguards

December 2017 ReutersU.S. Not Granting Loan Relief to Defrauded Students: Inspector General

November 2017 Task & Purpose: The Emotional Challenges of Student Veterans on Campus

November 2017 The Economist: For-Profit Colleges in America Relaunch Themselves as Non-Profits: Betsy DeVos, Trump's Education Secretary, May Not Be Able To Rescue Them

November 2017 Task & PurposeBeware: Military Dependents Can Be Forced To Repay Their Parents’ GI Bill

November 2017 LinkedIn blog, Will Hubbard (Student Veterans of America):  Is Transparency Really That Important in Public Policy?  I'm Glad You Asked.  Day One of Education Department Negotiated Rulemaking on Borrower Defense

November 2017 Marketwatch: New Film Exposes How For-Profit Colleges Exploit Veterans and Single Moms

November 2017 Military Times: Ashford University’s GI Bill eligibility on the chopping block once more

November 2017 Washington Post and Associated PressStudy: Most student loan fraud claims involve for-profits

October 2017 New York Times:  Upshot:  Revised Data Shows Community Colleges Have Been Underappreciated

October 2017 Inside Higher Ed: VA Drops Plan to Nix Ethics Rule

October 2017 Washington Post:  Trump Administration Wants to Weaken Law Protecting Veterans From Predatory For-Profit Colleges, Senators Say

October 2017 Reveal:  Senators Urge Trump Administration to Scrap Plan to Waive VA Ethics Rule

October 2017 PBS NewsHour:  For-Profit College Students Twice as Likely to Default on Loans, Report Says

October 2017 Pro Publica & USA Today: For-Profit Schools Reward Students for Referrals and Facebook Endorsements

October 2017 VoxHow Betsy DeVos is Quietly Erasing Obama's Education Legacy

October 2017 Task & PurposeTo Protect Veterans, Keep The VA Ban On Employees Working With For-Profit Colleges

September 2017 Huffington Post:  DeVos' Embrace of Predatory For-Profit Colleges is Breathtaking

September 2017 New York Times:  Federal Inquiry of Charlotte Law School is Disclosed by Suit

September 2017, Dallas News:  Hundreds of veterans scramble after Garland for-profit college closes

September 2017, Huffington Post:  Troubles Compound for Predatory CollegeAmerica Chain

September 2017, Inside Higher Ed: Return of the College Scorecard: Education Department Updates Higher Ed Consumer Tool, Adds New Comparison Feature

September 2017 Bloomberg News:  Betsy DeVos Tells CFPB to Back Off on Student Loans: The Agency Has Survived the Trump Administration So Far; Will the Education Department Be the One to Kneecap It?

September 2017 Washington Post: DeVos Rejects Invitation to Meet with Former For-Profit College Students

September 2017 Inside Higher Ed: Gainful Employment Failures Cluster in 10 States  

September 2017 Fox 45 Baltimore (Video): What you need to know about for-profit schools

September 2017 ABC 15 Arizona: Your college degree could be worthless if it isn't from an accredited school

September 2017 GQ:  Betsy DeVos Accused Students Who Were Defrauded by For-Profit Colleges of Wanting “Free Money”

September 2017 U.S. News and World Report: 1 in 3 'Career Colleges' Saddle Grads With Limited Earnings Potential, Unmanageable Debt

September 2017 The Baltimore Sun: Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition launches campaign warning about risks of for-profit colleges

September 2017 Inside Higher Ed: Wis. Governor Kills For-Profit Oversight Agency

September 2017 Inside Higher Ed: Report: 20 University of Phoenix Campuses to Close

September 2017 Student Loan Hero: Betsy DeVos’ Controversial Decision Could Make Kaplan University and The Art Institutes Nonprofit

September 2017 Phoenix New Times: Getting Educated or Getting Schooled? Divergent Views of Grand Canyon University

September 2017 Washington Post: Government watchdog blasts Education Department’s financial oversight of colleges

September 2017 Vice News: These students are suing their for-profit school

September 2017 Washington Post: Ousted college accreditor wants another chance, but will DeVos agree?

September 2017 Westfair Online: Sens. Blumenthal and Murphy reintroduce bill aimed at predatory for-profit colleges

September 2017 Buzzfeed: The Education Department Will Allow Two Large For-Profit Colleges To Become Nonprofits

August 2017 Inside Higher Ed: The Slow Death of a For-Profit Law School: Abrupt Closure of Charlotte School of Law Appears to End Months-Long Saga Over Program's Access to Federal Aid. But Questions Remain About Which Former Students Will Be Eligible for Discharge of Student Loans and Liability for Taxpayers

August 2017 Mercury News:  Thousands of Former Corinthian Colleges Students Win Debt Relief:  Californians Will Get Some $51 Million in Debt Relief (settlement between CA Attorney General and Aequitas Capital Management)

August 2017 Buzzfeed: How The For-Profit College Art Institutes Found A Savior With Christian Roots

August 2017 Journal Sentinel: For-Profit College Shut Down in Wisconsin is Back Under New Ownership

August 2017 Boston Globe: Thousands Paying for an Education that Failed to Deliver

August 2017 Politico: Morning Education: For-Profit College Faces Off with the Feds over Vet Benefits

August 2017 Military Times: Ashford University Maintains GI Bill Eligibility, Blasts VA

August 2017 The Buffalo News: Students of For-Profit Colleges Struggle the Most Repaying Loans

August 2017 New York TimesWith Rare Unanimity, Senate Sends G.I. Bill Expansion to Trump

August 2017 Washington Post: Congress OKs Big Boost in GI Bill College Aid for Veterans

August 2017  Military Times: New GI Bill passes Senate

August 2017 Stars and Stripes:  Senate sends ‘Forever GI Bill’ to Trump’s desk

August 2017 Student Loan Hero: What Veterans Need to Know About the New ‘Forever GI Bill’

August 2017 Lexology"Forever GI Bill" Will Expand Post-9/11 GI Bill for Veterans, Service Members and Family

August 2017: Politico: Congress passes $3B expansion of GI Bill education benefits

July 2017 Politico Morning Education: Restoration of Veterans Benefits for Corinthian, ITT Students Will Be Added to GI Bill Expansion Deal

July 2017 Buzzfeed NewsColleges All Across The US Are Closing At An Accelerated Rate

July 2017 Politico Morning Education: Restoration of Veterans Benefits for Corinthian, ITT Students Will Be Added to GI Bill Expansion Deal

July 2017 Dallas Morning News For-Profit College Rules Get Reset by U.S. Department of Education, and It Starts in University Park

July 2017 Associated PressLawmakers Reach Initial Deal to Expand GI Education Bill

July 2017 New York Times: A Bipartisan Congress That Works?  Veterans Committees Show How Its Done

July 2017 USA Today:  Trump Administration Begins Re-Writing For-Profit Regulations

July 2017 Politico: 18 States Sue DeVos Over Delay of Student Loan Protections

June 2017 New York TimesDeVos is Discarding College Policies that New Evidence Shows Are Effective

June 2017 USA Today: Feds Halt Alleged Student Loan Debt Relief Scam

June 2017 Associated Press: Promised College Loan Forgiveness, Borrowers Wait and Wait

June 2017 New York Times:  U.S. Halts New Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Schools

June 2017 ABA Journal:  Charlotte School of Law Receives State License Restrictions; Some Say End May Be Near

June 2017 Washington Post: Government to Rewrite Rules for Student Loan Forgiveness

June 2017 Harvard Law School Legal Services Center: Court Orders Department of Education to Consider Student Loan Relief Application, Calling Request for Further Delay "Frivolous and in Bad Faith"

June 2017 New York Times:  Ending the Curse of Remedial Math

May 2017 Courthouse News: Students Say Profit-Seeking College Bled Them Dry

April 2017 Chronicle of Higher Education: There's a Reason the Purdue-Kaplan Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True

March 2017 The New York TimesBetsy DeVos’s Hiring of For-Profit College Official Raises Impartiality Issues

March 2017 The New York TimesFor-Profit Law School is Arizona is Put on Probation

March 2017 USA Today: Loosening of For-Profit School Rules Worries Student Advocates

March 2017 National Public Radio: How For-Profit Colleges Sell Risky Education to the Most Vulnerable

March 2017 The Atlantic: The Closing of the Republican Mind on For-Profit Colleges (historical analysis)

March 2017 Inside Higher Ed: Feds Release Financial Responsibility Scores

January 2017 The New York Times: Student Victims Seek to Become Creditors in ITT Bankruptcy

January 2017 Inside Higher Ed: Two For-Profits Ordered to Pay Restitution to Students (Globe University & Minnesota School of Business)

October 2016 The Kansas City Star: Missouri Senator Took Campaign Cash from Schools Accused of Ripping off Students

October 2016 The New York Times: A Conveyor Belt of Dropouts and Debt at For-Profit Colleges

October 2016  Washington MonthlyFor-Profit Colleges' Campaign Contributions

September 2016  The Washington Post:  DeVry voluntarily dials back revenue from federal student aid

September 2016  The New York Times:  Downfall of ITT Technical Institutes Was a Long Time in the Making

September 2016 Business Insider: A 32-year-old disabled vet thought ITT Tech was his ticket out of poverty — his story shows everything wrong with for-profit colleges 

September 2016  The Washington Post:  Everything ITT Tech students need to know now that the for-profit school has closed

September 2016  Stars and Stripes:  Troubled for-profit ITT Tech Institute closes its doors on thousands of student veterans

September 2016 Indianapolis Business JournalWhat Did ITT In?  Short-Sighted Thinking, Critic Says

August 2016  PoliticoPro:  Despite shaky finances, ITT Tech still eligible to recruit veterans

August 2016  Inside Higher Ed:  U.S. Orders Ashford to Pay $137,695 for Aid Violations

July 2016  The Washington Post:  Justice Department is Investigating Whether a For-Profit College Company Violated Federal Financial Aid Rules

June 2016  Washington MonthlyThe Obama Administration Makes Its Biggest Move Against For-Profit Colleges

June 2016  Inside Higher EdWeighing For-Profits' Access to Military Bases

May 2016  The Washington Post:  A Popular College Investment Promised Students a Career, But Didn’t Pay Off

May 2016  The HillGroups Urge Senate to Oppose Defense Language on For-Profit Colleges

May 2016  HuffPost PoliticsVeterans Groups Oppose Manchin Amendment Giving For-Profit Colleges Unfettered Access to Military Bases

May 2016  PoliticoProVeterans groups slam amendment enabling easier access to military bases for-profit schools

May 2016  The New York TimesVeterans Groups Seek a Crackdown on Deceptive Colleges

May 2016 Buzzfeed NewsInside the College That Abolished the F and Raked in the Cash

April 2016  PoliticoProSenate Democrats, Advocates Push Department of Education to Go Further on Arbitration

April 2016  Popular MilitaryYale Law School Condemns Veterans Affairs, Providing Evidence of Failure to Protect Veterans

April 2016  PoliticoVA Watchers Want More GI Bill Oversight

April 2016  Inside Higher EdStudy Finds VA Fails to Protect Veterans From Deceptive Recruiting

March 2016  The Washington PostVA Suspends DeVry University From a Key Veterans Program

March 2016 ConsumeristWhistleblower Lawsuit Claims University of Phoenix Defrauded the Government

March 2016  ConsumeristAGs Seek Better Protections For Servicemembers Deceived By For-Profit Colleges

February 2016  HuffPost EducationStudents Testify: For-Profit Colleges Stole Our Futures

January 2016  Market WatchWhistleblower Suit Against For-Profit College Charges Schemes Against Students

December 2015  WAVY-TV: State Agency Says GI Bill Can't Be Used at Local University

November 2015 The Los Angeles TimesGenerous GI Bill Isn't Keeping Today's Veterans Out of Student Loan Debt

November 2015  The New York TimesFor-Profit College Expected to Pay Millions

November 2015  The Center for Investigative Reporting: Bill Would Limit For-Profit Colleges' Access to Federal Funds

November 2015  Inside Higher EdFor-Profit Settles with Illinois Attorney General for $15 Million

November 2015  Full MeasureCash Cows: Military Colleges

October 2015  Trib LiveEDMC, Federal Government Close to Settling Multi-Billion Dollar Suit

October 2015  The Wall Street JournalJustice, Education Departments Coordinate University of Phoenix Probes

October 2015  Phoenix New TimesUniversity of Phoenix Temporarily Banned From Recruiting New Military Service Members

August 2015:  Los Angeles Times:  For-Profit Colleges Are Using the GI Bill To Make Money Off Veterans

July 2015  PBS NewsHour: Are for-profit universities taking advantage of veterans?

July 2014  PBS NewsHour: Is the GI Bill benefiting for-profit colleges instead of helping veterans?

July 2015  The Center for Investigative Reporting: GI Bill Pays for Unaccredited Sex, Bible and Massage Schools

July 2015  PoliticoVets snared in for-profit college collapse want GI Bill money back

June 2015  Stars and StripesCongress presses VA to identify high-risk colleges

April 2015 Miami Herald:  Higher Ed Hustle (a series of exposes)

March 2015  Courthouse News Service: Fired Prez Calls Out Chain College

December 2014  Trib Live: EDMC Accused in GI Bill Scheme

November 2014  ForbesVeterans are Most Vulnerable to For-Profit College Manipulation

November 2014  FortuneFor-Profit Colleges Still Reap Millions from Veterans' GI Bill

November 2014  The Center for Investigative Reporting: VA Lags in Addressing Complaints Against Colleges Using GI Bill

November 2014  The Seattle TimesFor-Profit Colleges Reap Rewards, Controversy Under New GI Bill

November 2014  Diverse: For Profit Colleges Under Fire

November 2014  MoneyHow For-Profit Colleges Target Military Veterans (and Your Tax Dollars)

November 2014 PBS FrontlineEducating Sgt. Pantzke: For Profit Colleges Promise Veterans a High Quality Degree, But Do They Deliver?

October 2014  Star TribunePentagon Puts Globe University and Minnesota School of Business on Probation

July 2014  Moyers & Company: Is the New GI Bill Benefiting For Profit Colleges Instead of Veterans?

July 2014  PBS NewsHourNew Report Shows Nearly $2 Billion in GI Bill Funds Go To For-Profit Colleges

July 2014  The Center for Investigative Reporting: GI Bill Loophole Keeps 4 Major For-Profit Educators from Violating Law

May 2014  The Wall Street JournalFor Profit Colleges Face Test From State, Federal Officials: Government Alleges Some Programs Lack Proper Accreditatio

June 2012  Stars and Shut Down in Settlement Over Defrauding Veterans

April 2012  National Public Radio (NPR): For-Profit Schools Under Fire For Targeting Veterans

December 2011 The New York Times:  With Lobbying Blitz, For-Profit Colleges Diluted New Rules

November 2011  WSOC-TV: Students Say They Were Misled By Local College

October 2011 Huffington PostWith Goldman's Foray Into Higher Education, a Predatory Pursuit of Students and Revenues

December 2010  The New York TimesProfits and Scrutiny for Colleges Courting Veterans

December 2009  BloombergFor-Profit Colleges Target the Military

January 2005:  CBS 60 Minutes:  For-Profit College: Costly Lesson

Editorials & Opinion Pieces

May 3, 2019, VES’ Mike Saunders, Washington Post: Answer Sheet: How veterans can go back to school on the GI Bill without getting defrauded

Feb. 19, 2019 New York Times: Betsy DeVos vs. Student Veterans

Feb. 19, 2019 Military Times: Here are some surprising ways troops and vets can cut their student loan debt

Dec. 12, 2018 Military Times Rebootcamp Could This Government Program Wipe Away All Your Student Loan Debt?

Nov. 29, 2018 Higher Learning Advocates blog by VES’ Tanya Ang: Creating Student-Centric Support Systems for Military-Connected Students

Sept. 20, 2018 The Hill, by LtGen Dana T. Atkins and Joyce Wessel Raezer (ghost written by VES): Protect the Military Lending Act

September 19, 2018 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, by Mike Saunders, VES: Global Concern: Kaplan Roll-Out Exposes Un-Purdue-Like Actions

August 2018 The Washington Examiner: Don't Lower Standards for Federally Subsidized For-Profit Colleges

June 16, 2018 The Hill by VES’ Tanya Ang and Student Veterans of America’s Barrett Bogue and Lauren Augustine: Higher Ed Bill Fails its Mission to Protect Deserving Military-Connected Students

June 1, 2018 The Hill by VES President Carrie Wofford and AFT President Randi Weingarten:  A Call To Service Without Debt

November 2017 New York Times by the Editorial Board:  Exploiting Veterans for Profit

October 2017 Boston University Daily Free Press: For-profit Universities: Fake, Fraudulent and Supported by the Federal Government

October 2017 Chronicle of Higher Education:  Bob Shireman, To Lighten the Regulatory Load, Focus on For-Profits

September 2017 Loyola Phoenix: Unregulated Universities Make Profit off Their Students

September 2017 The Denver Post:  DeVos Should Keep Rules Targeting For-Profit Colleges

September 2017 The Nation: Betsy DeVos Is Helping Education Profiteers Rip Off Students

August 2017 Forbes: How The White House Is Harming College Borrowers

August 2017 Charleston Gazette-Mail: Stop Delaying Loan Help for Defrauded Students

July 2017 Los Angeles Times:  It's Betsy DeVos' Job to Protect Students From Predatory For-Profit Colleges.  She Should Do It

July 2017 Greensboro News & Observer:  Our Opinion: Debt But No Degree

July 2017 The Boston Globe: Fighting Back Against For-Profit Universities

July 2017 Akron Beacon Journal: Protect Students From Predatory For-Profit Colleges

May 2017 The New York Times: Keep For-Profit Schools on a Short Leash

March 2017 The Chicago Sun TimesRolling Back For-Profit College Reforms Wastes Money and Lives

March 2017 The New York Times: Predator Colleges May Thrive Again

September 2016  The Philadelphia EnquirerITT schools have been ripping off students and saddling them with debt for years

September 2016  St. Louis Post-DispatchClosing ITT Tech Helps Stop For-Profit Colleges from Shaking Down Students

September 2016  The New York Times: Late to the Fight Against Predator Schools

September 2016  Indianapolis Business Journal: ITT Missteps Sowed Its Fate

June 2016  The Des Moines Register: For-Profit Colleges Are a Bad Deal for Many

April 2016  NewsweekHaving Final Four at University of Phoenix is Madness

November 2015  The Des Moines Register:  Do More to Stop Predatory For-Profit Schools

November 2015  The Spokesman-Review: For-Profit Colleges a Bad Bargain

June 2015  Tampa Bay Times:  Helping Students Left Behind by For-Profit Colleges

February 2015  The New York TimesWhen Colleges Use Veterans as Pawns

May 2012  USA Today: Veterans Are Not Dollar Signs in Uniforms

September 2011  The New York TimesFor-Profit Colleges, Vulnerable G.I.’s

May 2011  The New York Times: Education is the Last Thing on Their Minds

December 2010  The New York Times: Preying on Veterans

December 2010  The New York Times: Rules for Gainful Education

September 2010  The New York Times: Let the Students Profit

July 2010  The New York Times: Who Profits?  Who Learns?


August, 2012  Doonesbury on For-Profit Higher Education

Press Releases

January 14, 2018: Veterans Education Success announces new staff, promotions

January 3, 2019: Prior to 49-state AG settlement, Career Education Corp. took 5th highest amount of GI Bill Funds and had 3rd highest number of veteran complaints. VES provided the AGs with more than 400 veteran complaints; VES also reported that CEC lied to veterans about their eligibility for licensed occupations

December 7, 2018: Understanding Student Outcomes at Newly-Shuttered Education Corporation of America Colleges and at its Sister School Members of the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) Trade Association

November 30, 2018: New Research Report: Student Vets More Resilient, Persistent in Pursuit of Higher Education. However, stronger federal and institutional support would help bolster their completion rates

September 14, 2018: Veterans and Military Service Organizations Urge Education Department Not to Rollback Student Protections and Quality Controls in Program Integrity Rules

September 13, 2018: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Rescission of Gainful Employment Fails Statutory Obligation to Stop Waste, Fraud, and Abuse and to Protect Taxpayer Dollars – and Knowingly Puts Veterans and Servicemembers at Risk

September 6, 2018: Veterans and Military Service Organizations Take Out Full-Page Ad in Many Newspapers Nationwide to Protect the Military Lending Act

August 30, 2018:  Twenty-Seven Veteran and Military Service Organization Submit Comment Opposing DeVos’s Proposed Borrower Defense Rule, which Protects Predatory Schools Rather than Military-Connected Students

August 28, 2018: Veterans Education Success Responds to the Resignation of Student Loan Ombudsman Seth Frotman from the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

August 10, 2018: Betsy DeVos Ignores Veterans on Gainful Employment

July 26, 2018:  Veterans Education Success Responds to US Education Department Announcement on Borrower Defense: DeVos’s Proposed Borrower Defense Rule Rewrites Epitaph for Predatory Schools Like Corinthian and ITT

November 9, 2017:  Veterans Education Success Releases New Report: Ashford’s Fight to Maintain GI Bill Access Raises Questions about the Enforcement and the Adequacy of Statutory Requirements.  (Full Report here.)

November 8, 2017:  Veterans Education Success Releases New Report Showing 90/10 Loophole is Worse Than Previously Thought:  Department of Education Data Shows Increased Targeting of Veterans and Servicemembers, Highlighting Urgency of Closing 90/10 Loophole

  • U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal praises new VES report, says it "shows that the numbers are actually worse than we thought" (video here). Blumenthal also speaks to stop fraud against veterans (video here)

  • U.S. Sen. Patty Murray speaks out against fraud against veterans (video here) and explains the 90/10 loophole is designed to force schools to demonstrate quality (video here)

  • U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin speaks out against predatory for-profit colleges' defrauding veterans (video here)

  • U.S. Sen. Tom Carper speak out to stop predatory for-profit college abuse of veterans (video here)

  • VES Policy Director Tanya Ang explains the key findings in new VES report (photo here and video here)

  • The American Legion refers to VES report, calls for bipartisan cooperation in Congress to close the 90/10 loophole (video here).

  • Student Veterans of America President: "Veterans should be treated as scholars, not dollars" (photo here).

  • Military Order of the Purple Heart calls on Congress to stop for-profit college abuses of military (video here).

  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors calls on Congress to stop for-profit college abuses of military families (photo here)

  • List of veterans and military groups calling for the 90/10 loophole to be closed (photo here)

  • Marketwatch: These Colleges Use a Loophole to Make Billions Off the GI Bill

  • Military Times: Vets Groups Renew Efforts to Limit For-Profit Schools’ Access to GI Bill Dollars a

  • Delaware News Journal, USA Today: For-Profit Schools to Vets: Thanks for Your Service -- and Taxpayer-Backed Tuition

October 19, 2017:  Veterans Education Success Hails FTC Action Against Fraudulent "Military-Friendly Schools"

October 19, 2017:  Veterans Groups Praise White House Nomination of Rohit Chopra to US Federal Trade Commission

June 2017  VES Celebrates the 73rd Anniversary of the Original GI Bill